January 28, 2016

Consumer Study Offers Proof: Gasodor® S-Free Provides Reliable Warning

Gasodor® S-Free is Symrise’s sulfur-free natural gas odorant, and a recent consumer survey showed that the gas-warning agent is very effective. In cooperation with the independent market research institute Förster& Thelen, 750 representative consumers were surveyed in personal interviews. The main questions: Are natural gas odorants perceived as a warning, and can they be distinguished from other “harmless” bad odors?

Three odorants were tested by consumers. Each substance was applied to smelling sticks in similar dosages. Along with the others, Gasodor® S-Free passed the test with flying colors: The sulfur-free natural gas odorant is perceived differently – and alarmingly so – from other unpleasant odors encountered in day-to-day routines. 

The specialist public could also become familiar with the effectiveness of Gasodor® S-Free at the gat/wat trade fair, the leading trade fair for the gas and water industries, in Essen from October 26–28, 2015. Symrise had a booth on site and presented the results of the consumer study in a lecture at the exhibitor forum.

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