Taking an active role in climate protection

Climate protection is one of the greatest challenges of our time. One solution to this problem is Gasodor® S-Free, which sets completely new standards in natural gas odorization as the world’s first DVGW type-tested sulfur-free odorant. The technology combines environmental compatibility with the highest standards of safety, cost-effectiveness and technology.

Gasodor® S-Free is an innovative, ecological solution for all natural-gas suppliers that take climate protection seriously. Because it can be used as a replacement for traditional natural-gas odorants – odorants that typically contain sulfur – this product represents sustainable relief for the environment.

Gasodor® S-Free is the result of years of research conducted by Symrise in cooperation with Ruhrgas AG Essen and the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (the Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas und Wasserfachs e.V., or DVGW) in Bonn. Today, Gasodor® S-Free is already in use in numerous municipal networks – and is a complete success.