News for Gasodor® S-Free: Safe, Ecological, Innovative

October 25, 2016

Symrise at gat 2016: Guaranteed Safety with Gasodor® S-Free

The most important point: The environmentally friendly odorant is still considered harmless both in the workplace and for consumers. The safety regulations that apply for handling Gasodor® S-Free guarantee that the... more »

May 10, 2016

For Greater Safety: Gasodor® S-Free Receives New Hazardous Material Classification

When complying with workplace safety guidelines, no negative health effects are to be expected for employees handling the substances – neither from acute exposure nor from repeated, long-term exposure. The current... more »

January 28, 2016

Consumer Study Offers Proof: Gasodor® S-Free Provides Reliable Warning

Gasodor® S-Free is Symrise’s sulfur-free natural gas odorant, and a recent consumer survey showed that the gas-warning agent is very effective. In cooperation with the independent market research institute Förster&... more »